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Airway Publishing offers a range of different products created for different audiences. Click on the products to view the online stores for Conservation Tales or Acoustic Creations


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Conservation Tales     

      Books about Wildlife Conservation for Young Readers

Conservation Tales a book series for children. Each book focuses on a species or group of animals that needs help to survive. The books are produced by a team of faculty and students at Ball State University, and published through Airway. The series includes the Manatee Match card game, an educational activity for teaching observation and identification skills.

To learn more or to order merchandise from Conservation Tales, click on the images below, or visit the Conservation Tales website.

Conservation Tales Books

Conservation Tales Activities

Watch for more books that will be released soon, including a pair of new Conservation Tales books and the first books in the new Conservation Tales JUNIOR series - versions of the CT books written for primary grade children.  

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Airway Publishing supports buying local whenever possible.  The following stores carry some of the merchandise shown here:

The Orchard Gift Shop

Minnestrista Cultural Center

Muncie, IN

Art Mart

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Midwest Museum of Natural History

Sycamore, IL

BatGoods online store

Acoustic Creations 

     Music by Tom J. McConnell

The titles shown here are available for purchase, or will soon be available.  Click the image or the link to order from the CreateSpace , our printer and distributor. 

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Music from the Heart (© 2015)

Tom McConnell

Available Online NOW!!

Price: $14.95 (USD) 

Acoustic Creations

Tabs of 15 original songs written for mountain dulcimer, with instruction on chord-melody style playing. Audio web companion with song samples available.

Dulcimer Jam Book:

Harmony Parts for Common Jam Tunes 

(© 2015)

Tom McConnell

The only book available with jam tunes for baritone dulcimer!

Price: $40.00 (USD)

Acoustic Creations
A collection of 35 common jam tunes, with tabs for DAD and harmony arrangements for Baritone Dulcimer (AEA). Includes chord charts and instruction about transposing chords for baritone. Web companion with practice tracks available!

Music CDs

Playing from the Heart (© 2001, 2015) 

Tom McConnell 

Available NOW!!
Price: $11.99 (USD)  via Amazon

13 instrumental songs on dulcimer and guitar

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Airway Publishing supports buying local whenever possible.  The following stores carry some of the merchandise shown here:

Folkcraft Instruments

Woodburn, IN  46797

(800) 433-3655

Simple Sounds

In the Davis Mercantile

Shipshewana, IN 46565

(888) 683-8522

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