Airway Publishing

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Who We Are

Airway Publishing LLC offers assistance to authors wishing to self-publish who need assistance converting concept to content or navigating the publishing process.

Airway Publishing is an LLC owned and operated by Tom McConnell, an author, composer and musician who has authored journal articles, print books, e-books, music CDs and science education activities.  His works include a biology lab manual, a series of books for science teachers about Problem-Based Learning, books and a CD of music for the mountain dulcimer, and a growing series of wildlife conservation books for children. He is also the managing editor for an international journal.  His experience with text editing, graphics, and video/audio recording software helps him tackle most of the tasks you need in a publisher.  When his experience is not enough, Tom works with graphic designers, illustrators and editors as needed, and has contacts in a wide range of specialized fields to meet your needs.  

If you are looking for assistance in turning your ideas into a print product, contact us! 

Airway Publishing

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Why Us?

This company was established by a self-publishing author... an author a lot like you! Our mission is to help you overcome the hurdles you face in publishing your creative work.  Our experience comes from having gone down the same path ourselves.